5 Reasons to Consider a Door Access Control System

5 Reasons to Consider a Door Access Control System

When it comes to protecting the entryways of your home or business, a traditional lock and key may not be enough. According to research from the Bureau of Justice, more than one-third of all break-ins gain entry simply through the front door of the property. Basic locks can easily be jimmied open or picked – meaning that your property could be far less secure than you may think.

Having a door access control system for a home or business is highly advised. A door access control system is programmed to only allow access to specific personnel. These also use far more advanced security systems than just a simple key.

Door access control systems can be used for either residential or commercial locations. Of course, added security is the primary benefit of these systems, but what are the others?

Let’s discuss.

1. Benefits of a Door Access Control System for Business Properties

Installing a door access control system for business properties is important for numerous reasons. The most obvious benefit of course is to deter theft and break-ins. However, it can also be used to protect the company internally. Unfortunately, workplace theft rates are on the rise, as employees are the cause of 21% of business stolen property cases.

Having a door access control system installed for various entry points in your business can protect your commercial property from both of these threats. Further, you can customize the access controlsso you can set rules for who is allowed to open certain entry points.

Another great benefit of a door access control system for business is the versatility it provides. Nearly every type of company can benefit from using this type of security feature, such as:

  •  Office buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Storage units
  • Storefronts
  • Churches
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • >Gated communities

Finally, you can integrate a door access control system for your business with other security features. For instance, if someone gets near the vicinity of the door, it can trigger the video surveillance systemto start recording. A few failed attempts to open the door can also set off security systems automatically.

2. Benefits of a Door Access Control System for Home

Door access control systems can be equally beneficial to have at home. They allow you to access your property without needing to carry keys. Bluetooth technology can even be used so the door will automatically unlock when an access controller (such as a phone) is positioned nearby. This type of door access control system is incredibly convenient and easier to manage than traditional keys.

A door access control system is also ideal for property managers or renters. You don’t have to worry about making extra keys or changing the locks after a tenant leaves the property – you can simply change the code. You can also quickly share access with visitors or short-term renters as needed.

Door access control systems for homes also provide real-time monitoring so you can see who is accessing your home when you aren’t there. You can opt to receive alerts when your doors are opened or within a certain timeframe, such as late at night.

3. High-Tech Security Features are Available

There are additional high-tech features that can be added to your door access for high-security checkpoints. Door access control systems can have biometric technology integrated, which reads fingerprints for additional security.

You should also only purchase from a door access control system provider that offers encryption. Unfortunately, hackers can compromise these systems if they are not secure. A few years ago, this happened to a hotel in Austria when cybercriminals took over the access control system for the entire facility.

AES and TLS Encryption are recommended to prevent hackers from compromising your system. This ensures that your door access control system encrypts all of the digital data stored and shared, making it near impossible for hackers to gain control.

4. Separate Levels of Control Access

Role-based access control provides access based on a person’s role. There are two approaches to door access control systems:

Discretionary Access Control

This gives the admin the power to control individual access entry points and can set parameters as needed. For instance, managers can have sole access to certain rooms based on their code or access clearance.

This also provides cloud-based administration for the system, giving the admin the power to monitor and change access as needed. So, if new employees are hired or their position changes, you can quickly change their security clearance.

Mandatory Access Control

This requires specific access controls without exceptions. This could require additional PIN codes that are given out by the security team, which gives the security office control over when and who can access entry points.

5. Cost Benefits of Door Access Control Systems

Having a custom door access control system is a wise financial decision. Although it requires a sizeable financial investment upfront, it can save money in the long run.

First, it cuts down security costs as it does not require keys that can get lost, need to be replaced, and so on. You can easily change locks by setting new codes, rather than installing new systems or replacing the entire lock.

You can also integrate access systems with amenities on the property. For example, once a door is unlocked, this will kick in the lighting and HVAC system. So, energy is only used in a room when someone is present and automatically turns off once the area is vacated. This can substantially cut down on electricity and resource usage.

Get Greater Security Today!

The best way to ensure that your home, business, or any property is more secure is by installing a door access control system. This gives you the ability to control access for specific entry points and monitor who enters and when. There are so many benefits to this new-age security feature – so what’s stopping you from keeping your property safe?

If you’d like to learn more about getting a door access control system for a home or business, please contact 2Krew today. We offer security systems for residential and commercial properties and we’d be happy to walk you through all of the available features.




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