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Control Access to your Commercial & Residential Properties

Long gone are the days when homes, businesses, and offices are secured by locks and keys alone.

Access Entry Control System have become an essential part of your total security solution.

With comprehensive controls and monitoring features, you control who and when someone gets access to your building/area.

This enables you to easily protect employees, customers, documents, equipment, and any other valuables.

Take Control

Of Your Access

At 2 Krew Security & Surveillance we understand not all Access Control Entry systems are created equal to your requirements.

Our trained staff will design a customized plan for your specific needs. Whether it’s a single-door setup or a complex multi-access infrastructure, we have the experience and understanding to get it done right.

Our team of professionals has installed access control entry systems for a variety of industries:

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DMP Security Products and Services - Pittsburgh
Honeywell Security Products and services - Pittsburgh
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Access Control FAQs

Office relocations are a big change – and updating a commercial access control system is not a trivial task. Contact our sales rep or the Customer Care Center at 2 Krew. They will discuss the next step in securing your new office space.

All commercial properties are different with a unique set of challenges. You will need an expert to assess the new office setup, determine what your needs are, and make arrangements to implement new equipment.

An expert from 2 Krew will examine the new location and risks of the area. This process may involve installing new cameras and alarms, upgrading equipment, re-configuring access controls, and implementing new protocols.

Office relocations require a lot of planning and forethought – security cannot be overlooked. 2 Krew Security & Surveillance will make sure your business is covered.

Call our customer service line at 724-543-0274.

2 Krew Security & Surveillance tests your access control systems after the installation or takeover of any BA account to ensure all equipment is working properly.

Many commercial buildings have code requirements – which may include periodic testing to be carried out by professionals. Your representative will work out a schedule to frequently test the access control system at your office location.

Our systems notify customers of any issues with their devices. A technician from 2 Krew will manage troubleshooting to get the equipment back up and running.

Power outages happen from time to time due to a storm or failure in the power grid. Fortunately, 2 Krew access control systems are equipped with a backup battery to activate automatically in the event of a power failure. This battery will keep your system operational until power is restored – which can take several hours.

The likelihood of power outages should be one of the top concerns when choosing a residential or commercial access control system. More importantly, you need to consider how long a typical outage lasts. If you are in an area that experiences longer or more frequent outages, you may consider adding a second backup battery to your system.

A professional from 2 Krew Security and Surveillance will make sure your system is properly equipped for a power outage.

Access control systems are generally installed in two different places. For one, hardware will be installed at the door(s) you’ll be securing. Two, you’ll need to install the access control panel in an out-of-reach spot. Most businesses have the control panel installed in their IT or server room. The most important thing is that the panel is installed in a secure place.

A professional from 2 Krew Security and Surveillance will help you stake out the best places to install your system. Once the locations are staked out, the technicians will install the hardware and run cables to the access control panel.

If you move to a new home or office space, a representative from 2 Krew will re-configure your system and hardware to keep your property secure.

For any questions about your access control system, call our Customer Care Center at 724-543-0274.

Do you need a reliable residential or commercial access control system?

Every property is different. Each system implementation starts with a professional survey of the property to understand the challenges, and requirements, and match you with the right equipment.

2 Krew Security and Surveillance have been serving residents and business owners in the Greater Pittsburgh and the Tri-State Area since 2006. We manage on-site installation, system integration, and ongoing support.

Reach out today and learn more about our access control systems.

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