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Keep Watch over your Commercial & Residential Properties

Effectively monitor activity on your property in real-time.

For many Home and Business owners, it is extremely important to take the necessary strides to protect their property. Unfortunately, Box-Store (One Size Fits All) video surveillance setups are simply not effective in most cases.

At 2 Krew, we work closely with leading manufacturers in the surveillance industry to provide you the latest and best quality surveillance equipment and technology.

We also understand that every property has different needs and requirements. That’s why we carefully research your needs to develop a customized video surveillance system solution that effectively and efficiently monitors your property.

A Watchful Eye

For your Property

We believe your investment should work for you; as such, our video surveillance systems are designed to save you time, money, and stress. In business applications, you can even improve employee productivity.

Whether it’s your home, business, or office, our professional team has experience in designing and installing the right surveillance system for any type of location or area – big or small.

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Video Surveillance FAQs

Security cameras, also referred to as CCTV cameras, relay signals from where the camera is set up to a monitoring system. Surveillance cameras operate on IP networks, linking the camera from the remote monitoring area to the location.

Security cameras can be installed anywhere near a power source. They can either be mounted or hidden to monitor activities around a home or business.

Surveillance cameras have longer recording time capabilities, which make them ideal in public areas like crosswalks and parking areas. These cameras are difficult to install and are mostly used by government agencies, whereas security cameras are commonly used for home monitoring and in commercial video surveillance system setups.

Video surveillance systems for business or personal use consist of one or more cameras connected via a network. These cameras transmit video/audio to a designated monitoring location. Locations can be monitored in real-time and the footage can be stored in a database.

A video surveillance system requires several key pieces of equipment, including cameras, one/two-way speaker, and a recording device/monitoring system.

The system works by monitoring a feed of a residence, commercial building, or public place via the cameras. When certain spaces are properly monitored, users can deter crime, prevent damage, and most importantly, have solid proof if an incident occurs

Yes. Corporate video surveillance systems for office buildings are generally a bit more extensive than residential ones. As businesses are typically bigger than your average home, these security systems require more cameras and a more robust monitoring system.

Additionally, there are certain areas of a business that require different security needs. For example, a business might need an access control system to allow entry only to authorized people. This may not be necessary for a home security system.

Another big difference deals with alarm protocols. In a home security system, a representative will call the resident when an alarm goes off to examine the situation and ask if authorities are needed. In video surveillance systems for businesses, authorities are dispatched automatically.

It’s important to note that both business and residential security systems require professional installation. Any blind spots or improper setups will compromise the entire system.

Not necessarily. Wireless cameras do not always need a Wi-Fi connection to function. Some systems can record footage to a micro-SD card or a hard drive. Cameras that don’t require the internet are known as IP cameras – and are usually backed up by a cellular line or landline.

We normally recommend using Wi-Fi for both business and residential video surveillance systems. Non-Wi-Fi systems are more limited in their capabilities. Moreover, they do not have options for push notifications or cloud storage. Wi-Fi-enabled systems are much more versatile and give you real-time access to the footage.

There are many ways to keep your video surveillance system in good shape. Most importantly, be sure the views from your cameras are never obstructed. This may involve pruning the landscape and cleaning lenses periodically. Another important task is to regularly check network/cable connections. Look for signs of corrosion and make sure the connections are strong. These are just a few simple tasks to manage on your own.

Most video surveillance systems for business and residential properties have maintenance options. It’s crucial to have professionals check in from time to time to make sure everything is working properly. Otherwise, the system isn’t doing anyone any good.

We offer preventative video surveillance maintenance options to ensure your system is running at optimal performance. Our techs will come onsite bi-annually to clean and inspect your cameras and all other system components. 

Find the Best Video Surveillance System for Your Home or Office

Do you have questions about a residential or commercial video surveillance system?

Surveillance is not one-size-fits-all – every property has unique challenges. At 2 Krew, we help business owners and homeowners get peace of mind that every inch of their property is covered. Each system installation starts with a close examination to learn the area’s challenges – and what equipment is best to overcome them.

2 Krew Security and Surveillance have been serving the Tri-State area since 2006. Our certified technicians will handle installation, integrations, and maintenance – so you can rest easy every night.

Send us a message to learn more about our video surveillance systems in the Greater Pittsburgh and the Tri-State areas.

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