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Secure Your Business & Residential Properties

Nothing is more important than the security of your home or business.

Emergencies can occur and catch you off-guard at any time. It is impossible to stay on alert 24/7, nor should you need to live your life that way.

Our intrusion alarm systems remove that pressure by equipping you with a thorough security solution that safeguards your property for you. 

We integrate the latest technology and equipment to ensure you get the best protection for your business or home. Every security alarm system we quote and install is uniquely designed to fit your residential or commercial security needs.

Protect and Secure

Interconnection Made Easy

We offer expert consultation, design, and implementation for structured cabling at your location. Our team will customize a plan necessary to support your computer networks, data, audio, and backend equipment.

Whether it’s working with an existing structure or creating a new layout, our team has expert experience in any environment.

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Security Alarm Systems FAQs

There are many, many reasons to invest in residential and commercial security alarms. Cyber and physical theft is on the rise with no signs of slowing down. A security alarm system – whether it’s for a home or business – provides peace of mind knowing your assets are protected from property damage, fires, theft, and fraud. The best security services are equipped with 24/7 monitoring and will alert you and the authorities in case any break-ins or security breaches happen.

Additionally, many insurance companies provide rebates to residential property owners for having a security alarm system installed. Be sure to check with them when you are shopping for systems.

Security alarm systems are not one-size-fits-all. Generally, there are three main types of security alarm systems for residential properties: surveillance cameras, security alarms, and fire alarms. While some homes only need one or two of these components, the best home security systems combine all three features.

Business security alarm systems are typically more robust than residential. This is because the needs of a business are usually more complex and layered. The major types of alarm systems include CCTV cameras, access control systems for entryways, security alarm systems, and fire alarm systems. Most bigger commercial properties use a customized combination of all these features for the best coverage.

Residential and commercial security alarms are only effective if they are installed properly in the right places. At home, alarm systems should be installed at entry points, windows, and inside. More importantly, cameras should be placed in a way that eliminates blind spots.

Business security systems typically require more in-depth installations. The ideal placements for security components include (but are not limited to): cash drawers, storage areas, entrances/exits, parking lots, walkways, reception areas, and remote areas. Security systems for commercial businesses must be installed by a professional. If components aren’t installed in the right spots, the security of the entire property is compromised.

We highly recommend having an internet connection – or at the very least, a landline – to properly set up a security system for a home/business. The best security alarm systems use data for monitoring purposes – which is received from your system via the internet. Additionally, today’s systems are designed to send alerts to your smartphone if an alarm goes off. While these features aren’t always required, you won’t be getting the full benefit of the system by choosing not to receive the alerts.

Even without an internet connection, security monitoring systems will call your home to check on you if an alarm goes off.​

You bet! We offer maintenance packages for both commercial and residential systems.

Your security system is monitored around the clock to ensure there are no issues. Most problems with your system can be solved remotely. Hardware issues might require a technician to come on-site.

Normal upkeep will be performed regularly; you won’t experience any interruptions. If an unforeseen issue comes up, you will be alerted immediately and kept in the loop with all updates. 

Please note: If a service is needed that is not covered under one of these plans, any necessary work would incur service charges.

You have many different options when choosing residential and commercial security alarm systems. We make it a point to work with some of the most highly-regarded security systems on the market. These brands include: Honeywell, Resideo, Lyric, and DMP

Getting the best value for your security system comes down to the installation. You might be tempted to try and install the system on your own. More often than not, this results in blind spots. We’ll send out qualified technicians to your location to carry out a professional installation – leaving no stone unturned.

Are you exploring options for residential and commercial security alarm systems?

Choosing the best security system for your property is a big decision – and no two properties are the same. At 2 Krew Security and Surveillance, we help residents and business owners in the Greater Pittsburgh and the Tri-State Area rest easy at night knowing their assets are protected 24/7/365.

We implement every system with a professional examination of the property to fully understand the unique vulnerabilities, challenges, and requirements to provide the best solution possible. Our experts take care of everything from installation, system integration, and maintenance.

The team at 2 Krew Security and Surveillance has been serving the Greater Pittsburgh and the Tri-State Area since 2006. Get in touch today to find your perfect security system in Greater Pittsburgh and the Tri-State Area.

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