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5 Benefits of Custom Access Control Systems for Your Business

5 benefits to custom access control systems for your business - 2 krew security and surveillance

The benefits of access control systems are extremely far-reaching.

While growing your business will always be your priority, keeping it secure is the next most important thing. No matter the size or industry of your company, both internal and external threats could lead to major financial loss.

According to a report published by Safety.com, 95% of all businesses report some type of theft which equates to about 7% of their annual revenue. Further, the amount of property stolen internally from employees is nearly equal to loss from shoplifting and break-ins.

In Pittsburgh, theft makes up roughly 24% of the crimes reported throughout the last decade.

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With this in mind, Pittsburgh business owners must do all that they can to keep every square inch of their business protected. They can do this by leveraging the benefits of access control systems.

What is the Role of a Commercial Access Control System?

Custom access control systems are the best solution for businesses to reduce risks and protect company assets. A customized access control system provides monitoring features designed to grant access or deny it to specific areas and keep unwanted personnel out.

Now, nearly all offices and stores have some method of security, such as cameras or even alarms. However, these are not always effective and can be easily bypassed by a seasoned criminal. This is why opting for commercial access control systems is a great option.

Here are five benefits that prove why custom office access control is the necessary security option for businesses.

1. Increases Access without Compromising the Overall Security System

Customized access control systems are designed to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering certain areas of a business. These can be used to lock office doors, gates, entire floors, or even the whole building.

Custom access control systems can be installed wherever necessary – so business owners can choose as many or as few access permissions and points as needed. Employees and authorized personnel can open the locks either through custom number codes or with card fobs.

Biometric and RFID scans can also be added to the access control solution for additional protection. Biometrics uses pattern recognition to certify that a person is authorized for entry. Typically, this involves scanning their fingerprint, while more advanced systems can scan faces or eyes. RFIDs use radio frequency to unlock access points. These are typically installed into fobs or tags that can be tapped or held near the reader.

One of the key benefits of access control systems for businesses is that each person can be tracked through unique codes or tags. This allows business owners to track who accessed which area at which time – so if anything goes awry, there is a paper trail to verify who was in the area.

2. Keeps Intruders at Bay

Unfortunately, local businesses in major cities such as Pittsburgh are at a higher risk of theft and burglary. As mentioned, nearly one-fourth of crimes reported in the city are related to theft. Moreover, internal threats from employees are a common risk for businesses as well.

The easiest way to prevent break-ins is by openly displaying access control security systems to limit access throughout the property. While alarms and security cameras can deter thieves, and quickly alert authority, they are not always able to prevent an actual break-in. A recent report stated buildings that installed break-in alarms only had a 26% reduction in burglaries.

Thankfully, customized access control systems are far more effective.  Most thieves will not even attempt to break in if they have these advanced signs of security – they would much rather go after easier targets.

In terms of internal threats, employees may steal from their companies as they think they can get away with it. A custom access control system makes it easy to monitor who is where – which can help to deter internal theft.

Further, commercial access control systems will signal alarms and alerts for unusual activity if an unauthorized person attempts to enter. For instance, if an incorrect code is entered multiple times, an alert will go out to security management to check in.

3. Add New Customization as Your Business Grows

Traditional security systems are generally purchased piece by piece. This could be a system of security cameras, coded door locks, or alarm triggers. However, these are all individual systems that work independently of each other. This makes it difficult to set up cohesive security systems, especially if you need to expand and add more.

With customized access control systems, additional security points can be implemented as needed. So, if your office expands or you hire more employees, you can purchase add-ons that are part of the same system with role-based access control.

2Krew offers numerous security and surveillance options designed to work together for advanced protection. Custom access control systems can also include video surveillance and we can even install structured cabling for reliable and secure telecommunication.

We also provide fire alarm systems that will automatically contact the local fire department when smoke is detected. These systems are all designed to work together to provide comprehensive protection for your workplace.

4. It’s Difficult for ‘Bad Guys’ to Get Around Customized Access Control Systems

Another issue with many security systems is that the technology can be compromised.

In March of 2021, cyberhackers were able to bypass the security systems of a Silicon Valley company and hack into the surveillance cameras of several hospitals, jails, and even a Tesla manufacturing facility. This allowed the hackers to turn cameras on and off at will, easily allowing thieves to enter undetected.

Although traditional security systems now use technology for protection, many criminals know the tricks to get around them – even the ones of the most advanced tech companies. Customized access control systems are designed specifically for your business. This makes it much harder for it to be compromised, making your building far safer.

Most commercial access control systems are designed to cover any weak spots, such as hidden entrances or areas that may be hidden from security camera view. 2Krew’s system uses AES and TLS encryption for enhanced protection. This makes it nearly impossible to hack as all communications are safely encoded – which is one of the biggest benefits of access control systems.

Furthermore, adding in biometrics and additional security credentials to your access points makes your system nearly impossible to get around. Employers can also set parameters for access, so personnel cannot enter after set hours.

5. You Can Monitor the Access Control Remotely

One of the greatest benefits of access control systems is peace of mind.

Remote access control – or mobile access control – enables business owners to monitor their establishments from anywhere by providing real-time access to security systems via internet-connected devices.

This technology allows you to manage access control instantly as well as monitor entry and exit points. From here, you have the ability to lock or unlock doors remotely – and receive alerts for any unauthorized access. This ensures continuous security vigilance and immediate response capabilities, regardless of the owner’s physical location.

You can rest assured that your company’s assets are protected around the clock.

Administrators within the commercial access control system can receive alerts and access entry data at any time, so you can control who is entering your building. This is ideal for protecting your building outside of routine business hours.

Plus, it can save you the expense of hiring physical security staff.

Wrapping Up

Reaping the benefits of access control systems for businesses is not just a fancy add-on – it is a necessity. This is by far the best way to keep your company as secure as possible at all times. Further, it provides far more benefits than traditional security systems.

If you have any questions about a commercial access control system and want to learn more about 2Krew’s unique system, feel free to contact our team. We are available over the phone at 724-543-0274 or you can submit a message online.

We also offer free consultations and accurate quotes for customized access control systems in the Pittsburgh area.




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