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Customized Network Cabling Solutions

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Professional Cabling Solutions for your Commercial Networks

Structured cabling is vital for effective communication throughout a network environment.

Today’s technology components typically rely on a backbone of cabling to inner-connect devices and hardware.  As a technology company, we understand the need for structured cabling more than most.

We deliver the same thorough Telecommunication infrastructure we apply in our own facilities. Our technicians work meticulously to ensure a perfect installation tailored to meet the requirements of your business and home.

Clear The Path

Interconnection Made Easy

We offer expert consultation, design, and implementation for structured cabling at your location. Our team will customize a plan necessary to support your computer networks, data, audio, and backend equipment.

Whether it’s working with an existing structure or creating a new layout, our team has expert experience in any environment.

Contact us today – We welcome all challenges when it comes to the installation and repairing of structured cabling.

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Structured Cabling FAQs

Structured cabling provides a comprehensive infrastructure for media, for which businesses, organizations, and government agencies need to run daily operations. A well-organized system can make a workplace more connected and able to communicate easier.

Investing in structured cabling services does wonders to improve productivity. Additionally, it helps make an organization easy to manage, adaptable, secure, and most importantly, more cost-effective. Compared to traditional point-to-point cabling, structured cabling is much more neat and organized. The setup process requires more planning, but the company will reap the benefits for years to come.

Ultimately, structured cabling is about organizing your cabling into a system that can evolve with your needs.

Installing structured cabling isn’t a job that can be done in an afternoon or a weekend.

Every business is different, and installing structured cabling involves a great deal of planning and design. More importantly, there are many electrical components needed throughout the process – which presents a plethora of safety hazards. Creating a sound layout can get extremely complicated for a non-professional. Depending on the complexity, the process can take several days – or several weeks.

When you reach out to a provider with structured cabling services in Greater Pittsburgh, they will assess your needs and provide a time estimate.

Generally, there are three main components in structured cabling: patch panels, switches, and trunk cables.

The patch panel – also referred to as a patch bay – works to connect all the cables. Think of it as a hub that bundles all the connections to the other networks. These panels are commonly installed in data centers within a business location.

Switches receive, process, and send data. They are connected to the patch panels, enabling you to connect devices to the network and transmit information accordingly.

Trunk cables connect to the patch panels. The beauty of trunk cables is they work to consolidate the wires that run to and from the panels. These are what make your system neat and organized.

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of structured cabling. With traditional point-to-point cabling, the prospect of moving your business location can be daunting. The neat and organized nature of structured cabling means you can easily break down and set up your entire system, making office moves simple and painless.

Now, it’s always advisable to work with a professional when you move a business location, especially if it’s the first time. Ask your structured cabling provider about office moves and if they can provide guidance.

Structure Cabling Services in the Greater Pittsburgh and Tri-State Area

Are you looking to upgrade your organization with structured cabling?

Investing in structured cabling services can be a game-changer for productivity and efficiency. At 2 Krew Security and Surveillance, we know that every organization is unique. Our experts examine each setup under a microscope to determine how we’ll design the new system.

We’ve been providing professional structured cabling services in the Greater Pittsburgh and the Tri-State Area since 2006. Our experts know what works, what doesn’t work, and how to create the best solution for your organization.

Call our office at 724-543-0274, send an email to hello@2krew.com, or send us a message online to learn more.

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