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What is Video Verification in Virtual Security Systems?

what is video verification in virtual security systems - 2 krew security and surveillance

Many businesses – and some homes – have some sort of video security system on their premises to monitor the property around the clock. As this technology becomes more accessible, the crime rate has dropped significantly over the years. However, not all video monitoring systems are powerful enough to make a difference if a crime occurs.

Out-of-the-box video surveillance setups are a common choice for small businesses – as they are generally a less expensive investment. One-size-fits-all systems aren’t always very powerful and often have poor resolution. So, if an intruder breaks in, the footage may not be clear enough to make an accurate identification.

Thanks to video verification technology for virtual security systems, this is no longer a big obstacle. This type of video monitoring is made possible through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Currently, about 50% of businesses have invested in AI, primarily for product development, marketing, sales, and manufacturing purposes. But one often overlooked advancement is improving virtual security systems.

Let’s discuss.

1. What is a Virtual Security System Exactly?

Traditional security systems rely on the admin to monitor and react to alerts. For instance, someone must watch video surveillance footage or respond if the alarm is triggered to see what is going on. Virtual security systems (also known as virtual security guard services) are software-based security solutions that allow admin to monitor properties remotely.

But what makes virtual guard services unique (and extremely beneficial) is that they will only send out alerts if unusual activity is detected. For instance, an alert can be sent to the admin’s phone if someone has tried to open a door access point with an incorrect passcode.

There are numerous benefits to having a virtual security system in place for commercial properties. First, it is far less expensive than hiring on-site security. Security guards generally charge up to $60 an hour for their services; so virtual guard services are a better financial investment.

Virtual security guard services are also scalable and personalized based on the business’s needs. They typically use multiple types of security features, such as video surveillance systems, access controls, and alarms.

However, an issue many businesses experienced with virtual guard services was an influx of false alarms. Some video monitoring systems would send an alert if any unexpected motion was detected – like a package delivery or an employee stopping by during off-hours.

Thankfully, video verification is seemingly the perfect solution to this problem.

2. What is Video Verification?

So, what is video verification, exactly? Video verification uses a live feed of the exact area where unusual activity is detected to determine if it is a threat.

There are several ways that this works. Some systems will simply send a live feed to the admin or a security company, who can then verify if the activity is a threat. If the threat is confirmed, law enforcement is contacted to handle the issue on-site.

However, there are still some downsides to this type of video monitoring. It still requires human verification; so, someone needs to be on alert at all times.

Modern video verification uses the latest AI tech which allows computer systems to handle the verification process automatically. AI software can instantly analyze the footage to determine if this is an emergency, and what kind of emergency. It also utilizes both video and audio to verify the type of intruder (noise caused by a vehicle, human, or another device).

For example, if a person is detected and is trying to access the door without the proper code, the system can alert admin – as well as law enforcement – for the notice of a break-in. However, if someone merely enters the code incorrectly on the first try (due to human error), the system may try to verify the person’s identity to see if they are a recognized employee.

3. What are the Benefits of Video Verification Being Used with Virtual Security Guard Services?

Video verification is a game-changer for virtual guard services. Here are a handful of the big ones.

Smarter Alerts

First, virtual guard services cut down on the number of false alarms. These intelligent systems can determine if there is a clear threat and which steps to take next. Considering that the vast majority of alerts sent to police end up being false alarms, video verification for virtual security systems is extremely beneficial. In fact, AI video verification can cut down false alarms by up to 90 per cent.

Evidence Gathering 

Having virtual security guard services can also help if a crime does occur. These video cameras use high-definition lenses to capture clear images and analyze the footage. These image captures can then be used by law enforcement to identify criminals and gather evidence.


Video verification can be integrated with other security systems, such as fire alarms. Video monitoring will detect exactly where the fire has started or the source of the smoke. Door access controls can also be triggered to keep the flames controlled in one area until the fire department arrives.

Continuous Improvement

Another game-changing property of AI-powered video verification is that it improves over time. Deep machine learning is designed to advance as it “learns” patterns and applies probability data. This means that your virtual security guard services will reduce false alarm alerts even more as time passes.

Final Thoughts

Investing in virtual guard services is one of the best ways to protect your property. Video verification technology can greatly advance your security and ensure that your home or business is being closely monitored at all times.

If you have any further questions regarding virtual monitoring systems and video verification, please contact 2 Krew today. We specialize in security and surveillance solutions for both commercial and residential properties. No matter what your property looks like, we’ll help you find the ideal system for your needs.




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