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Customized Fire Alarm Setup & Installation

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Fire Protection for your Commercial & Residential Properties

Response time to a fire could be the difference between life and death.

It’s no secret that Fire Alarms are essential for keeping the building and home occupants safe at all times.

With the right system, a professional fire alarm system can efficiently detect and alert occupants of smoke, carbon monoxide, and, of course, fire.  Fast detection also allows for safer evacuation and quicker response time for first-responders before a situation grows worse.

At 2 Krew Security and Surveillance, we employ the latest technology to provide a wide range of fire alarm systems tailored to meet your specific needs. We assure efficient, high-quality, turnkey solutions for both new and existing fire alarm system installations.

Fight Fire

Fast Response Alerts

From single floor structures to complex multi-level buildings, we make your property safer with customized intelligent fire detection. 

Our trained technicians ensure all installations are in full compliance with the law, your insurance, and safety codes.

We also provide support, service, and maintenance for most existing fire alarm manufacturers.

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Fire Alarm Systems FAQs

Authorized users can simply use the alarm code to silence the alarm if it was accidentally triggered.

In a residential fire alarm system, the monitoring center will contact you to make sure everything is ok. The support agent will ask if there is an emergency and if the authorities need to be dispatched. With a commercial fire alarm system, the fire department will automatically be dispatched if the alarm is triggered, regardless of whether it’s an accident or not.

If no one answers on the contact list provided, the monitoring center will figure out if there is an emergency and dispatch the authorities.

The fire department will always be notified if the alarm goes off in a commercial fire alarm system. The authorities will be dispatched no matter what. Owners of residential fire alarm systems will always receive a wellness call from the monitoring center. The account holder can then confirm if the fire department should be dispatched.

Obtaining an alarm certificate for homeowners insurance is super easy with 2 Krew Security and Surveillance. Simply call one of our customer service representatives and they will walk you through the process of getting a certificate.

This document is sent to your homeowner’s insurance provider to indicate you have a residential fire alarm system in place. Once this certificate is applied, your provider may provide a discount to your policy.

Call our customer service line at 724-543-0274 for more information.

Most insurance companies give discounts to clients who have alarm systems – and have the alarm certificate. Homes with security devices like deadbolts, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and fully monitored systems can potentially save up to 15% on homeowners insurance premiums.

You are more likely to get a higher discount with multiple types of protective devices, or if your system has 24/7 monitoring. Get in touch with your insurance agent for more details.

Setting your fire alarm system to test can be done in a matter of minutes. We just need an authorized individual in the account to call our Customer Care Center, provide the account password, and request the account to be placed on test.

Call our customer service line at 724-543-0274 for more information.

Fire detection is a crucial safety component in both residential and commercial properties. A customized commercial fire alarm system has special requirements that aren’t necessary for a residential fire alarm system. Moreover, there are code requirements that commercial buildings must meet. In commercial systems, 24/7 monitoring is typically a requirement. Testing usually needs to be carried out more frequently – and done by professionals.

A big difference in 2 Krew Security and Surveillance fire monitoring systems is the protocol when an alarm goes off. In a residential system, the homeowner receives a call from the monitoring center to see if there is an emergency. The homeowner and security representative will then decide if the fire department should be dispatched. In the event a commercial fire alarm goes off, the fire department is automatically dispatched.

Get in touch with a customer service representative for more information. Call 724-543-0274.

Fire alarm systems are designed to notify property owners of emergencies so they can take proper action. To do this effectively, fire alarm systems are comprised of four components, which include:

o   Heat detectors

Heat detectors work on either a fixed temperature or a rate of change in the temperature. If the temperature exceeds the pre-set value, it will trigger an alarm.

o   Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors detect smoke in the air in three ways: ionization, light scattering, light obstruction.

o   Carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors are used to indicate the outbreak of a fire by sensing the CO levels in the air. These detectors have an electrochemical cell. This works to sense CO, but not smoke or any other types of combustion.

o   Multi-Sensor Detectors

Multi-sensor detectors combine the inputs of both heat and optical sensors with an algorithm built into the detector circuitry. The control panel and detector return a value based on the combined responses from the heat/optical sensors – and are designed to be extremely sensitive.

Looking to install a fire alarm system at your home or office?​

Each property is unique with its own set of challenges. Knowing exactly which safety features you need is not always crystal clear. The best results start with a professional inspection to pinpoint your requirements – and match you with the right equipment.

2 Krew Security and Surveillance have been making residential and commercial properties of the Greater Pittsburgh and the Tri-State area safer since 2006. Our team is made up of seasoned professionals and certified technicians. No matter what your needs are, we’ll make sure you have access to the best fire safety equipment on the market.

We provide on-site installation, full design integration, and ongoing support.

Get in touch with us today to start the process of implementing a professional fire alarm system in Greater Pittsburgh and the Tri-State area.

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