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What is the Verizon 3G Sunset and How Does it Impact You?

what is the verizon 3g sunset and how does it impact you? - 2 krew security and surveillance

Have you heard about the Verizon 3G sunset? This is a rather unusual term, but it’s important to understand the impact it will have on the electronics many of us use every day.

Verizon has officially discontinued all 3G cell phone services in the United States. Verizon’s 3G CDMA shutdown means that other phones and devices that rely on this legacy network will no longer be able to access it. This means you won’t be able to make or receive calls, send texts, or access the internet over 3G networks.

Comparison of Technology Generations


3G was first introduced back in 2001 as a network that allowed mobile devices to access the internet wirelessly. While this was not the first network to do so (1G and 2G came before), it was by far the most successful and wide-reaching. But over the years, this network has improved in speed, reliability, and connection density. These days, most phones and devices use 4G or 5G.

Downloading speeds are one of the best ways to see how these networks have improved from generation to generation. On 3G, it would take nearly half an hour to download a 2-hour movie wirelessly. On 5G, it takes just 3.6 seconds.

It’s quite obvious that 4G and 5G networks have incredible advantages over 3G – but what impact will Verizon 3G being discontinued have exactly?

1. What is the Verizon 3G Sunset?

Verizon is one of the largest wireless network providers in the United States and was one of the first companies to announce the rollout of a 3G sunset. The Verizon 3G sunset is the transition of turning off their 3G network as they make the move towards 4G and 5G.

The Verizon 3G CDMA shutdown was completed at the end of 2022. Yet, Verizon is not the only network to do this. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are also following suit.

Verizon shutting down their 3G network impacts not only their customers – but also anyone using carriers that run on Verizon’s network, which includes:

  • CREDO mobile
  • Net10
  • Reach Mobile
  • Straight Talk
  • Total Wireless
  • TracFone
  • Xfinity Mobile

The network has also stopped selling devices that are only 3G compatible and requires an upgrade of all devices to be compatible with 4G LTE.

2. What Types of Tech Devices Does Verizon Shutting Down 3G Effect?

When we think of Verizon 3G being discontinued, most of us think about using our phones to access the internet, peruse apps, or stream media. The average American uses about 11 gigabytes of data every month on their cell phones, which are connected via a 3G, 4G, or 5G network. But the Verizon sunset goes well beyond just affecting smartphones.

Verizon’s 3G CDMA shutdown also impacts any devices that require an internet or wireless connection for operations. IoT products are incredibly common in both residential and commercial spaces. In fact, the number of IoT devices connected to a network is expected to triple by 2030, exceeding 29 billion.

IOT Connected Devices


One of the most common and important IoT devices used for both homes and businesses is security and surveillance systems. Video surveillance, door access systems, and remote alarms all require a network connection. Many modern security systems also feature remote access and alert features, so you can monitor video feeds or receive notifications on your smartphone.

While some systems utilize a WiFi connection, they may use wireless networks as a backup. So, Verizon’s 3G being discontinued may impact important devices used in your home or commercial security systems.

3. What Do I Need to Do to Respond to Verizon Shutting Down 3G?

If your home or office building uses Verizon 3G for internet or mobile connections, be sure that all of your devices are upgraded for at least 4G LTE compatibility. Some devices may be automatically upgraded through Verizon, like your mobile phone. However, your home or office security devices will not be.

2 Krew offers cutting-edge security options for both residential and commercial properties. Our systems work best with an internet connection, but they can operate on a wireless network, too. All of our devices are designed to operate on 4G and higher networks, so the Verizon 3G sunset will not impact their performance.

You may also want to consider upgrading other IoT devices to avoid any issues following the 3G CDMA shutdown. For instance, many homes and offices have remote climate control devices or doorbell cameras. Upgrading to 4G or 5G connections will make these devices more reliable and operate much faster.

Over to You

The Verizon 3G sunset and the subsequent rollouts from other networks is a game-changer for technology. Our devices will only continue to be faster and more powerful, but Verizon shutting down 3G could cause issues with older network devices.

Remember that Verizon’s 3G being discontinued goes beyond just smartphones and other devices used to access the internet. It could impact important devices you use for home or business security, too.

When it comes to commercial and residential security, you don’t want to risk any connection issues with Verizon’s CDMA shutdown. 2 Krew utilizes the latest security tech, and we offer maintenance programs for regular system upgrades to ensure that your devices are always working.

If you are unsure about your security devices or you’re considering a full system upgrade, please connect with 2 Krew. We offer customized security solutions with top-of-the-line technology designed to offer reliable protection.




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