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Preventing Apartment Break-Ins: The Role of Security Alarm Systems in Apartment Complexes

preventing apartment break-ins: the role of security alarm systems in apartment complexes - 2 krew security and surveillance

Every year, we see more advanced business and home security systems get installed – both on commercial and residential properties. Thanks to smart devices, rental property owners have more control over their security than ever.

Theft is one of the most prevalent crimes in apartment complexes.  

Unfortunately, the threat of break-ins and intrusions will never go away completely. The best we can do is implement preventative systems to a) discourage these types of crime, and b) aid in investigations after the fact.

At 2 Krew Security and Surveillance, we specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining high-level security systems. In this article, we’re going to explain the role security systems for apartments play in deterring crime. Let’s dig in.

The Problem of Break-ins and Intrusions

According to data from the FBI, the rate of property crime in the United States is 1,933.4 cases per 100K of the population. Moreover, larceny-theft accounts for nearly 75 per cent of property crimes.

The ripple effect of break-ins can be very far-reaching.

For one, the financial costs add up quickly. This commonly includes the cost of replacing stolen items – which can range from jewellery to large electronics and even cars. On top of this, break-ins typically involve property damage, like broken doors or windows. Victims may also see an increase in insurance premiums after a break-in – as these companies will see the property as a higher risk.

Second, many people do not understand the emotional toll victims of break-ins face. Victims commonly feel violated and unsafe in their own homes, which leads to anxiety, fear, problems sleeping, and sometimes post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These issues can all bleed into everyday life.

Additionally, a break-in can impact the entire community, causing neighbours to feel unsafe. These are just a few reasons why it’s important that apartment complexes invest in the best home security systems for renters

The Basic Functioning of a Property Alarm System in an Apartment Complex

Most security systems for apartments are comprised of several components to create a comprehensive solution. Here are the most common elements:

Control Panel

The control panel is the nucleus of the alarm system – communicating with all the other components. This is where you can control, arm, or disarm the entire system.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are common – even in an average home security system. These devices are placed at doors, windows, and other entry points to send an alert if unauthorized movement is detected within the complex. These systems generally use infrared technology to detect movement.

Glass Break Detectors

Glass break detectors are programmed to detect the sound frequency of breaking glass. This feature adds a layer of protection in apartment security systems if an intruder tries to bypass a door/window.


When the apartment security solution is triggered, the device will make a loud noise. In addition to alerting neighbors and authorities, the sound also works to scare off intruders.


Keypads are typically located at the entrance of the apartment complex. It also allows the appropriate party to arm/disarm the system. Many of the newer security systems for apartments use keypads to replace traditional keys.

Security Cameras

Security cameras aren’t always included in a basic property alarm system. The best security systems use them to provide visual monitoring – which can be done remotely

Panic Buttons

If a break-in occurs, residents can hit the panic button – which will trigger an alarm and alert the local authorities.

Connection to a Professional Monitoring Service

The more robust systems include professional monitoring services that will receive notifications if an alarm is triggered. The appropriate party can then contact law enforcement or emergency services.

There are many types of alarm systems for apartments, and each can be customized to fit the requirements of the complex.

The Role of Security Alarm Systems in Preventing Break-ins

Security systems for apartments do a lot to deter potential burglars. This is due to the multifaceted tactics they employ.

For one, just the visible elements of the system – including surveillance cameras, alarms, and signage –  can discourage intruders from attempting to break in. The presence of an alarm system means there is an increased risk of being caught and prosecuted.

Additionally, the loud, intimidating noise of an alarm is intended to attract attention and simultaneously alert other individuals or authorities.

With the more advanced apartment security solutions, security personnel and local law enforcement will receive instant alerts, which further increases the chances of the intruder’s apprehension.

Overall, the mere presence of a property alarm system will work to deter criminals from attempting to intrude on a complex.

Choosing the Right Apartment Security Solutions

There are many considerations to take into account when choosing the best apartment security systems. Here’s what property owners/management companies need to do:

Evaluate Requirements

You’ll need to account for the size of your apartment, entry points, and the security risk in the neighborhood. If your apartment complex allows pets, consider pet-friendly motion detectors.

Wired vs Wireless

Opting for a wired system may be the more reliable choice, but these can be a difficult DIY installation – and be challenging to maintain. Wireless security systems are usually easier to implement, but they may run into interferences.

Professional Monitoring Services

You’ll need to decide if professional monitoring services are necessary to alert authorities during an emergency. You may prefer a self-monitoring option through your smartphone, smart home devices, or remote devices.


Security systems for apartments should be easy to use – both by property management staff and tenants.


Last, but not least, you will need to determine a budget for both upfront and ongoing costs for a good apartment security system. This includes monthly fees for monitoring services and maintenance.

These are just a handful of considerations to take into account. Choosing the right apartment security solutions will provide you and your tenants with peace of mind, convenience, and a safer living environment.

What’s the Next Step?

The unfortunate reality is many complexes don’t prioritize security systems for apartments until after a break-in occurs.

Don’t be one of these complexes.

The long-term benefits of implementing a property alarm system will significantly outweigh the upfront costs. At 2 Krew Security and Surveillance, we work closely with property management companies and building owners to help them choose the best security system for their needs.

Every complex is different – and we’ll help you with everything from budgeting and planning to professional installation and maintenance of your apartment security system to keep tenants safe for the long term.

Get in touch with us today to learn more.




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