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The Best Door Access Control Solutions for Businesses

the best door access control solutions for businesses - 2 krew security and surveillance

Businesses are embracing emerging technology more than ever these days – especially within their security systems.

New-age door access systems use technology to control who enters and leaves commercial properties, making businesses far more secure. This has certainly contributed to the steady decline in property theft in the US.

A door access control solution not only deters burglary; it also helps to protect businesses from internal threats like employee theft. It also creates a digital paper trail to see who accessed an area in case anything happens, which is beneficial for police reports and insurance claims if a crime occurs.

Three primary types of commercial door access control systems can manage who is allowed to enter a door and be used to set parameters (such as times when access is denied). These are digital ID badges, mobile credentials, and visual verification for door access systems.

But which is the best for your business?

Let’s help you find the right access control system to protect your company.

Digital ID Badges for Door Access Systems

Traditional physical ID badges have been used for a long time in commercial door access control systems. However digital ID badges are accessed through a smartphone, so employees have them on hand more readily.

Benefits of Digital ID Badges

There are many benefits to opting for digital ID badges – compared to photo IDs used in traditional access control systems.

First, photo IDs can be duplicated – and there is the risk of losing the card or having it stolen. Digital ID cards have multiple layers of security as offered through the phone, such as Face ID or a lock code to access the card. These are very easy to use, and distribute, and are a fairly inexpensive option compared to printing physical cards.

Most digital IDs are provided through an app to control access. So, it can also be used to issue push notifications, such as announcements, safety issues, or other types of alerts. Admin can easily revoke digital cards within door access control systems.

Drawbacks of Digital ID Badges

There are several downsides to these types of door access control systems for businesses. For one, if the employee’s phone is not working or the battery dies, they won’t have access to their digital card. Again, there is the possibility of people circumventing the security by hacking the phone or account – but with a good security provider, this will be nearly impossible.

Mobile Credentials Door Access Verification

Mobile credentials are not to be confused with digital ID cards, even though they both use phones to operate. This door access control solution is similar to using key fobs.

Mobile access control uses Bluetooth or WiFi to open a door when a smartphone is in the vicinity.

When the phone is in the vicinity of the door reader, it will automatically unlock. Most businesses opt for a shorter distance range of 5 feet, but this distance can be extended if necessary. Added security features may also be used to trigger the commercial access control system, such as biometrics (i.e. the phone has to be unlocked with a thumbprint).

Benefits of Mobile Credentials

One of the greatest benefits of these commercial door access control systems is convenience. This is a hands-free option that allows personnel to access entry points quickly and easily, especially if their hands are full. These systems can also collect access data from multiple sources, such as if two people are near the entry point.

A mobile credentialing security system also has added encryption for digital security. Not only is the mobile device encrypted, but the reader also adds another encryption layer as it transmits the data. This helps to protect against cyber-security threats, which are very prevalent for businesses these days.

Drawbacks of Mobile Credentials

There are potential weak points with this system, however, such as if the employee’s phone is off or not working correctly. Further, if the access range is too long, unauthorized personnel can open the door – which was unlocked by someone else’s phone.

Visual Verification for Door Access System

The final option is visual verification for commercial door access control systems. Visual verification combines the power of technology with human intelligence for added security.

Video surveillance cameras will capture an image or video of the person at the entry point – and security can then let them in. These images are transmitted in real-time and can be used in multiple locations. Access is granted once the identification is confirmed.

Video or visual verification can also be used as a backup security option to manage access control when an alarm is triggered. For instance, say that a person has entered a passcode several times incorrectly. The first line of defence may be to use visual verification to see if there is a threat before a full-system alarm goes off.

Benefits of Visual Verification

This type of door access control system ensures that only one person can be given access at a time – and their credentials cannot be compromised. Images can be stored for reference and footage can be shared instantly with authorities if necessary.

Drawbacks of Visual Verification

The downside to visual verification is the added manpower needed to keep this system running. If a company has a security team on-site, at least one person will need to monitor the door access camera feeds at all times. Virtual guard services can manage this off-site, but they will need a full list of images for authorized personnel.

There is also going to be a slight delay in access when using this approach. It may take several seconds for the visual ID to be approved. There are also potential issues, such as if people are wearing facemasks.

The Wrap

Keeping your business safe and secure should be a top priority, no matter your company’s size, location, or industry. Having any type of door access verification system is essential for keeping your business property safe at all times. Each type is designed to benefit and improve entry point security. The real question is which one is going to be best for your business, specifically.

If you have any further questions and want to learn more about these types of door access control systems for businesses, please contact us online or call 724-543-0274.

2 Krew Security & Surveillance specializes in both commercial and residential security solutions and we are happy to discuss your options to help you find the best access control system.




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