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How Do Security Alarm Systems Aid in Crisis Management at Subway Terminals?

How Security Alarm Systems Aid in Crisis Management at Subway Terminals

Subway terminals are busy and bustling hubs, serving as a vital mode of transportation for millions of commuters across the US on a daily basis. With the constant flow of people and trains, it is essential to ensure the safety and security of these terminals. In times of crisis, subway terminals can quickly become chaotic […]

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Security Alarm System for Your Pharmacy or Drugstore

10 tips for choosing the right pharmacy alarm system - 2 krew security and surveillance

Pharmacies carry many sensitive products – making them high-value targets for criminals. The number of pharmacy robberies has been on a steady upswing over the past decade –from employee theft to burglaries. To protect valuable inventory, these stores need a custom pharmacy alarm system to make sure there are no blind spots and criminal activity […]

How Are Security Alarm Systems Decreasing the Risk in Hazardous (ATEX) Areas?

how are security alarm systems decreasing the risk in hazardous (atex) areas? - 2 krew security and surveillance

If you work in an Atmosphere Explosible (ATEX) zone, you know just how valuable peace of mind is. Even the slightest overlooked threat can result in life-threatening situations, and you need to feel confident that your workspace is entirely secured.  As its name suggests, ATEX zones are areas in workplaces where the presence of flammable […]


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