2 Krew Security is dedicated to keeping our customers and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our office is open during regular business hours to assist with any needs. Technicians are required to wear face coverings, carry hand sanitizer and increase hand washing practices during installs. Please contact our office with any concerns or additional requests surrounding the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe.

Maintenance Programs

Every system needs to be maintained on a regular basis to avoid unforeseeable breakdown, which may have a negative impact on the smooth running of business activities. Systems that are well maintained tend to withhold their value over a long period.

2 Krew Security and Surveillance offers a broad range of maintenance programs designed to meet the exact needs of every organization, government agencies inclusive. We are committed to providing our clients with scheduled maintenance programs that is swift, dependable, and clean. At 2 Krew Security and Surveillance, we are careful with the way we handle our client's properties to avoid damage. We take it as our responsibility to provide you with the maintenance services while you concentrate on other business activities in this challenging economic environment. With 2 Krew, delivery of expertise is certain which enables you to utilize all your facilities without any issue arising, thereby, increasing productivity.