2 Krew Security is dedicated to keeping our customers and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our office is open during regular business hours to assist with any needs. Technicians are required to wear face coverings, carry hand sanitizer and increase hand washing practices during installs. Please contact our office with any concerns or additional requests surrounding the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Emergencies may occur in your presence, whether at home or in an office which might catch you unaware. It is highly important to stay on alert at all times, and that is why 2 Krew Security and Surveillance is offering you an intrusion alarm system designed to notify you from danger and threats, fire and burglaries inclusive. Our surveillance systems come with an integrated alarm that guarantees you a thorough security solution to safeguard your property now and then, even when there is no personnel on guard to keep an eye on the activities in the premises during closing hours.
2 Krew Security and Surveillance assures you 24/7 monitoring of your property through our different types of intrusion alarm systems including wired and wireless security systems for detecting danger and theft. Our integrated alarm systems are simple to use and design to meet the needs of any organization irrespective of the size. We are technologically inclined which makes it possible for us to provide exceptional system flexibility that is comprehensible to our clients. 2 Krew Security and Surveillance offers complete security services that feature window and door sensors, sirens, locks, and other fundamentals of a trustworthy intrusion alarm systems designed for residential and commercial use.

Residential Home Security

Commercial Security

Commercial and Residential Security