6 Must-Have Features Of A Security Camera System

6 must-have features of a security camera system - 2 krew security and surveillance

The advancements in video surveillance systems over the past several years are nothing short of amazing. Homes, businesses, government organizations, hospitals, etc. have never had stronger security setups. This is great news for home and business owners in Pittsburgh – where the property crime rate is around 35 crimes per 1,000 residents, almost twice the national average. 

No matter what type of property you are protecting, the security camera system you invest in is a BIG decision with many moving parts. These setups can be customized to your exact needs with a plethora of new-age capabilities. 

Now, many of the new features might not be 100% necessary, but there is a handful that needs to be included in every security camera system. In this post, we want to elaborate on six of these components. Let’s dive into it. 

1. Security Radar Perimeter Protection 

Security radar is an extremely valuable feature that saves time, money, and resources. 

False alarms are one of the most common hiccups in security systems. These are more of a minor nuisance in residential setups, in which the security provider will typically send a message to the property owner confirming the validity of the alarm before sending the authorities. 

Most commercial setups, on the other hand, operate differently. If an alarm is triggered, the authorities are sent automatically. 

But what triggers a false alarm in a security camera system

The list of false alarm scenarios is practically endless. The most common causes include pets, wild animals, insects, falling branches, weather, etc. These issues do not typically pose a threat to a building – and deploying authorities is a huge waste of resources. 

Security radar in video surveillance systems uses electromagnetic waves to detect movement and filter out the normal causes of false alarms. These systems are programmed to ignore weather conditions, shadows, animals, and so on to ensure alarms are only triggered for real threats.  

The radar feature provides accurate readings 24/7 to help eliminate wasted time and resources. This needs to be a top priority in your security camera system – no matter what your needs are.  

2. Thermal Imaging Capabilities 

Thermal imaging helps to spot what the naked human eye cannot. All objects emit or reflect invisible heat radiation, regardless of the light conditions. Security camera systems equipped with thermal imaging provide the highest level of protection on the market – and should be an essential feature in every setup. 

Some of the biggest advantages of thermal imaging include: 

  • The ability to spot intruders wearing dark clothing in the nighttime.
  • Detect leakages within a building.
  • Pinpoint electrical faults that pose a fire risk.
  • Identify areas within a building that are experiencing inefficiencies in heat transfer.

Thermal imaging capabilities go beyond security. These camera systems do wonders to uncover safety hazards and improve the efficiency of a building – which helps to reduce overhead costs and eliminate risks in the early stages. 

3. Two-Way Audio

You probably have friends with a Ring or SkyBell doorbell camera. These are some of the most common security setups that feature two-way audio. 

Two-way audio is a foundational feature in most security camera systems these days – both residential and commercial. This involves a speaker and microphone being installed in the alarm system so you can communicate in real-time with people in front of the camera. There are many, many benefits to this feature. 

For residential buildings:

  • Receive front door alerts 
  • Check-in with family
  • Deter trespassers from entering 

For commercial buildings:

  • Communicate with employees
  • Secure deliveries 
  • Leverage access control 
  • Keep unwanted visitors out

Speak with a professional security & surveillance provider to determine the best options for your needs. 

4. Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR)

ANPR systems are accurate identification tools designed to detect and read license plate numbers without human intervention. They use high-speed image-capturing systems with supporting illumination. This allows the security camera system to verify character sequences and convert images into text. 

ANPR is primarily used in commercial security systems to identify authorized and unauthorized vehicles. Commonly, ANPR systems are deployed around gates and barriers to monitor who comes in and who goes out for more precise employee tracking. 

In the event of a break-in, ANPR systems can identify the intruder’s vehicle automatically, which reduces hiccups in the investigation process. 

On a day-to-day basis, ANPR helps to make the premises safer by identifying hazards. For instance, if a driver is speeding around the campus, building managers can identify the person and take proper action to reduce safety risks. 

5. Cloud Storage 

Cloud storage is a standard feature in most contemporary security camera systems. The main benefit of leveraging the cloud is you are not limited in terms of storage space – which can be small in on-site locations. 

A cloud-recording security camera system allows authorized users to access the system from anywhere on any device. This can make investigations easier and heighten monitoring abilities, even when users are offsite. 

One of the biggest advantages of cloud storage is the reduced risk of data loss. Video data is automatically saved and does not rely on recording devices or on-site storage centers. This creates a higher standard of security for a variety of reasons. 

Arguably the biggest security benefit of a cloud-based system is that intruders have no way of destroying footage or stealing security recordings, as they have no way to access the data. If you don’t have cloud capabilities on your security camera system, you need to implement them as soon as possible. Talk to a security expert to learn more. 

6. Remote Monitoring 

Today’s security camera systems are connected to the internet, which gives property owners and authorized users the ability to monitor the location from anywhere at any time. Live feeds can be streamed directly to a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. 

The system can be set up to send alerts to the user if anything unusual occurs on the premises. For example, if there is movement at a business location after business hours, the remote monitoring program can alert the owner to investigate the footage in real-time – and trigger an alarm if needed. 

The benefits of remote monitoring in a security camera system cannot be understated. The biggest ones include: 

  • 24/7/365 monitoring capabilities
  • Track multiple feeds across multiple locations 
  • Minimize false alarms 
  • Reduce insurance costs 

Remote monitoring is a game-changer for security systems, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Get in touch with an expert to determine the best feature for your security camera system

The Next Step 

Choosing a security camera system is a decision that impacts the safety of your day-to-day life – whether it’s in a commercial or residential property. There are endless amounts of flashy features to consider. Knowing which ones are worth the investment is not always clear. On a baseline level, these six should be on your radar. 

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