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The Ultimate Guide to Improve Home and Office Security and Surveillance

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Installing a security surveillance system used to be reserved for large businesses or expensive homes. But as more and more people understood the importance of investing in the safety of their home and commercial properties, these types of systems have become far more mainstream.

The market for security alarm systems for both offices and homes has increased significantly since 2016, with the marketing reaching $31.8 billion this year. And in direct correlation to the increased amount of security surveillance, the number of reported break-ins has dropped by nearly 30% over the past five years.

Modern home and office security and surveillance systems these days are designed to be far more powerful than the traditional alarms and grainy security cameras of the past. Many now use cutting-edge technology like thermal imaging and intruder verification for advanced surveillance!

Both residential security systems and office surveillance systems need to be customized specifically for their intended purpose to be effective. Home and office security and surveillance systems are not one-size-fits-all. Traditional out-of-the-box security setups aren’t able to cut it for most properties. 

Every building has unique sets of needs, and choosing the perfect system must be done carefully – as it’s a big investment.

There are lots of questions you likely have in regards to finding the ideal home or office security and surveillance system. From picking out the right setup for office security cameras to installing residential alarm systems, there are lots of decisions to be made when designing a surveillance framework.

Our team at 2Krew has helped to design customized security and surveillance solutions for commercial and residential properties for over 15 years. We’ve created this comprehensive guide to answer the FAQs and provide you with expert input on all of the factors to consider.

Why Do You Need Home and Office Security and Surveillance?

Although the rate of home and commercial break-ins has dropped quite significantly over the past decade, there are millions of reported burglaries and break-ins every year. Further, 77% of all crimes committed in the US annually are property-related, such as theft, burglary, and trespassing.  

Simply making sure you’ve locked the doors isn’t always enough to keep your home or office building protected. Plus, we’ve all experienced that sinking feeling that oops, I may have forgotten to lock it.

Installing surveillance systems for businesses and homes is virtually essential to truly protect your property at all times. Investing in these solutions provides numerous benefits. First of all, it can give you peace of mind knowing that you have tools in place to monitor and protect your assets, even when no one is around.

Moreover, in the case of a break-in, surveillance and security systems can help to assist law enforcement. Seeing signs of security solutions like business security cameras or alarms may also deter thieves in the first place, helping to prevent financial loss. Some alarm systems will automatically alert the authorities if someone breaks in, so law enforcement will arrive on-site quickly.

Investing in a customized access control system for your home or office is far less expensive than hiring security personnel. This isn’t really an option for the vast majority of homeowners and small business owners. Hiring security to patrol a property is expensive, and not always effective. But having virtual tools operating around the clock can give you far better surveillance at a fraction of the cost.

Now, many businesses and more and more homes have some kind of surveillance system in place. But generic systems don’t necessarily provide complete protection. About 48% of office buildings have installed business security cameras on-site.

However, generic systems don’t necessarily provide as much protection as you’d think, especially from all sources. The latest study concluded that 43% of all reported inventory loss is caused by internal theft. This is because employees know exactly where the cameras are and how to get around them.

Customization is the best way to improve home and office security and surveillance. This is what will give you the greatest peace of mind, as well as the maximum benefits from your investment.

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What are the Risks of Poor Security and Surveillance in Homes and Offices?

There are some rather obvious concerns that residential and commercial security and surveillance solutions resolve. Deflecting burglars and thieves are the primary motivation for installing security and surveillance in a home and office. But what are the others?


Property Damage

Residential and commercial security and surveillance solutions monitor properties around the clock and will send an alert if anything unusual is detected. You can avoid common property damage like vandalization or broken windows with a security system installed – as the authorities can be alerted.



Custom systems are designed to integrate with other security features, like fire and carbon monoxide detectors. So, if either of these alarms goes off, you’ll be alerted right away. They can also alert the fire department to stop the fire from spreading.


Shoplifting and Theft

Security concerns like shoplifting and inventory loss can also be addressed with business surveillance solutions. A customized system goes beyond the traditional security camera setup and integrates additional features like access control systems to reduce internal theft.



If your property is damaged and you need to file an insurance claim, having evidence from security and surveillance in the home or office will help your case. Film footage or access point data can help to prove when things occurred and add to your claim.

These are just a few examples of security risks that a customized surveillance system can help to prevent. But it’s also important to note that these tools can be far more effective than the typical security systems that homeowners and businesses use.

There are lots of “smart” security features out there these days, such as remote device locks. These products have been marketed as a less expensive solution to customized systems. However, many of these solutions come with security concerns of their own.

Internet-connected devices can be tampered with and manipulated if hackers can override the system. This allows them to disable cameras, unlock doors, and silence alarms so you’ll never even know that a crime has occurred. Customized systems address these security problems to prevent digital threats.

Difference Between Home and Office Security and Surveillance System

A home security system is going to differ quite a bit from a business security system. First off, homes tend to have fewer entry points and less square footage than a business, especially an office building, warehouse, or storefront. Therefore, a home security system will require fewer tools and may not need as many high-tech features.

Types of Home Security System and Features

Homes are broken into and burglarized far more often than businesses. There are several reasons for this; first, homes generally have less security than an office building. Secondly, burglars can easily scope out a home to see when no one is around. And finally, most of the valuables in our home like electronics and jewelry are not kept in secure holdings.
Homes that don’t have any security features are 3 times more likely to get broken into!

Home security systems can include numerous features to protect entry points and provide round-the-clock surveillance for protection when no one’s home. Most residential security solutions include three main features:


Surveillance Cameras

Home video surveillance should be installed strategically so that every square inch of the property is monitored. Cheap security cameras that you can install yourself aren’t ideal here; it’s very easy to miss vulnerable blind spots if you aren’t sure what you’re doing.

It’s also important to use cameras that offer necessary features for added security. For instance, you may need higher definition cameras for long-range shots. The best home security cameras also automatically adjust based on the amount of sunlight for a clear picture. You may also want one that offers cloud-based storage for instant footage access.


Security Alarm System

Security alarm systems are necessary to keep you informed of any unexpected visitors or entries. These tools monitor all of the entry points in the home and require a keycode or password to disarm. But the latest systems offer even more security features.

Residential security alarm systems can offer open/close reports, so you can see the exact times when entry points were accessed. You can even opt for real-time push notifications to your mobile device.


Fire Alarm System

When it comes to home security systems, most people overlook the threat of fire or smoke damage. But this is certainly a safety threat to your home – so your security system should protect you from it. Customized security systems can be integrated with fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors so you can rest assured your home is protected when you’re not around.

Types of Business Security System and Features

Business security systems often require more advanced features than a home system. First, there are far more entry points that need to be monitored. Additionally, some rooms or doors should only be accessed by specific personnel, or have limitations such as time constraints.

So, commercial security solutions typically require numerous pieces which are integrated together for comprehensive protection.


CCTV Cameras

Most businesses use CCTV for video surveillance as opposed to typical security cameras. CCTV uses cables to connect the video feeds to a set of monitors - rather than saving recordings to a remote database. This ensures that all of the images can be monitored at once.
Business surveillance camera systems also offer many more technologically advanced features, such as:

  • Quick Target Search
  • Thermal Capability
  • Heat Mapping
  • Queue Detection
  • Analog Fixed & PTZ
  • Remote Solar Power
  • Multi-Site Integration
  • Security Radar
  • ANPR Systems
  • IP67 and IK09 rated
  • Intruder Verification
  • False Alarm Reduction
  • Long Range Wireless
  • Cloud-Based Storage

Most residential security camera systems are strictly for exterior coverage, while a CCTV system for an office or commercial space may also be installed indoors.


Access Control System

Many businesses have certain rooms or entryways that should only be accessed by certain admin or around certain times. A door access control system is quite beneficial for most businesses and office spaces to control who can enter and when.

An access control system provides real-time monitoring and alerts and uses personalized PINs, key fobs, or even biometrics (i.e. fingerprints) for entry. These systems are extremely versatile, can be used across many industries, and are seamlessly integrated into other security features.


Security Alarm Systems

Intrusion alarm systems for commercial properties offer remote control and administration so you can manage alerts even when no one is on-site. These alarms provide 24/7 monitoring with real-time notifications and panic/hold-up protection. Custom security alarm systems are also designed with auto arm/disarm schedules, so you can rest assured that your property is protected even if you forget to turn the alarm on manually.

5 Ways to Improve Residential Security and Surveillance


Fire Alarm System

An accidental fire can destroy your business in a matter of minutes. Having traditional fire alarms or smoke detectors will not protect your property, especially if a fire starts during off-hours.

Customized fire alarm systems are designed to protect commercial properties based on the building’s specific set-up and layout.

These setups will automatically alert admins as well as the local fire department when the alarm is triggered. Commercial fire alarm systems also offer important safety features, such as:

  • Continuous Air Sampling
  • High Sensitivity Smoke Detection
  • 2-Way Voice Service
  • Landline and Cellular Equipment Monitoring

Both residential and commercial security systems provide the same service: to protect property from all types of security threats. However, the approach and the necessary features may vary – so you need to pick a customized solution depending on your requirements.

Thankfully, the number of reported break-ins and property crimes has been decreasing consistently since 2015 according to research from the FBI. It is reasonable to assume that a major contributing factor to this decline is the increase in residential security and surveillance systems.

Prevalence of Current AR Graph


Homeowners understand the importance of investing in the safety of their homes. But there are lots of options for residential security and surveillance – here are just a few home security tips to make your residence far safer.

01 Install Video Surveillance System

One of the best ways to increase your home security and surveillance is installing video cameras, especially around entrance points. Residential video surveillance systems can give you peace of mind that you can have eyes on your property even when you’re away.

Video setups for home security and surveillance can also have high-tech features, such as:

  • Thermal imaging capability
  • Remote solar power
  • Security radar
  • Multi-site integration
  • Intruder verification
  • False alarm reduction
  • Cloud-based storage

It is highly recommended that you opt for a customized digital setup instead of a generic out-of-the-box surveillance system. This will ensure that your cameras are optimized based on their location. For instance, the cameras in dimly lit spots will need to have a higher resolution, while others may need to automatically adjust depending on the time of day.

Another benefit to getting a custom video surveillance is that you can have professionals set it up for you. This ensures that all of your cameras are optimally placed to enhance your surveillance.

02 Set Up Security Alarm System

Security alarm systems will send out alerts if anyone unexpectedly enters your property – whether you’re at home or away. Intrusion alarm systems can be turned on and off with a custom keypad code. You can also receive real-time push notifications to your phone if anyone enters the property or unsuccessfully tries to turn the alarm off.

You can also set up a scheduled automatic arm and disarm so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn the system on or off. Home security and surveillance alarm systems also come with remote admin and control, as well as panic/hold-up protection for more advanced security.

A technician from the security company will come to set up your alarm system. Sensors can be placed at all entry points, including garage doors, and even windows if needed.

03 Invest in a Smart Security System

Smart technology has made a huge difference in our everyday lives. But it can also make your home far more secure – and easier to manage and control. Smart devices are connected through Wi-Fi for remote monitoring and operation.

Some of the most common residential smart security system tools include:

  • Video monitored doorbells
  • Voice-activated control panels
  • Smart locks with app and Bluetooth enabled systems
  • Network connected smoke alarms
Now one thing to be cautious of when installing and using smart security devices is network protection. Unfortunately, hackers can compromise these tools if they can override your Wi-Fi system. So, you’ll want to purchase smart devices from a security company with encryption capabilities and firewalls built-in so you’re protected from digital threats.

04 Light Up the Home Exterior

One very simple way to increase your home security and surveillance is to simply install exterior lights. This will deter thieves or unwanted guests (including ones from the animal kingdom) as they will avoid brightly lit areas. It is best to cover the front and back of the house, as well as any side doors or windows. If you don’t want lights on constantly, you can opt for motion-activated lights.

Another tip is to reduce cover and hiding spots around your home, such as bushes or shrubs. By keeping foliage well-trimmed, you will make it even harder for any unwanted trespassers from hiding as they wait for the opportunity to break-in.

05 Maintain Your Security and Surveillance Equipment

Residential security and surveillance systems need to be updated and maintained to keep your home protected. It is crucial to establish a maintenance routine to ensure that your systems are working correctly and are up to date.

Some things to check in on frequently are:

  • Batteries or charging efficiency
  • Cleaning video lenses and sensors
  • Updating computerized systems
  • Checking on equipment placement and securements

2Krew offers customized security maintenance services to keep your alarm and video surveillance systems working at peak performance. Our team of technicians will schedule routine checks for all of your systems to ensure that they are working correctly.

6 Ways to Improve Office/Commercial Security and Surveillance

Commercial security and surveillance are just as important as residential setups – but these types of buildings require different equipment. Office security and surveillance can help to cut down the cost of the stolen property substantially, considering that businesses lose up to $50 billion per year due to theft.

Here are just a few office security tips to help increase surveillance and protection for commercial properties.


Look into Customized Security and Surveillance for Business

One reason that commercial security and surveillance can be challenging to implement effectively is due to the different types of properties. For instance, office buildings have different entry points and surveillance needs than a large warehouse or retail storefront. Therefore, the surveillance equipment setup must be customized depending on the layout and security requirements.

It is best to work with a service that offers customized commercial security for businesses rather than a generic setup. This ensures that all of the cameras in the workplace are set up correctly for 360° coverage and that all entry points are closely monitored and tracked.


Install Surveillance Cameras

Office security cameras are perhaps one of the most important elements to increasing office security and surveillance. However, the types of cameras used as well as their mounting position must be taken into consideration.

For example, high-definition cameras are best for wider area coverage, such as for a parking lot. Security cameras for office spaces should be optimized with intruder verification to reduce false alarms.

There are many factors to keep in mind when installing office security cameras, such as:

  • Commercial Grade vs Consumer Grade – Cameras designed for commercial spaces tend to have higher resolution.
  • Blind spots – Placement matters to give you full-range coverage of the entire property.
  • Night vision – This may be necessary for exterior cameras in low-light areas.
  • Mixed lighting conditions – Commercial cameras also need to adjust depending on the time of day.
  • Integrations – Commercial security cameras can be integrated with additional security features, such as alarm systems.
  • Video storage – Cloud-based storage is typically recommended so that footage is remotely accessible.


Conduct Regular Property Inspections

To improve commercial security and surveillance, it is important to implement frequent and thorough property inspections. This involves looking for any unexpected changes or signs that your security equipment has been tampered with. You also want to ensure that all of your security systems are optimized – so all of the equipment should be carefully checked.

Setup Sensors and Alarm System

Efficiency is a top priority for commercial security, so using systems with sensors and alarms is often the preferred choice. This ensures that your cameras and other equipment aren’t running unnecessarily, while also cutting down on false alarm alerts.

Sensors around entry points are from security cameras will trigger the system to begin if movement is detected. For example, a sensor located by a door will trigger the lights to turn on and the alarm to kick in until the correct security pin is entered. If the intruder does not put in the code, an alert will be issued and all doors will automatically lock until law enforcement arrives.


Invest in Access Control System

Access control systems are one of the easiest ways to protect commercial properties. There are many options available for office buildings and other business properties for controlling and monitoring all doors. Doors can be accessed through personalized PIN codes or RFID cards, so only authorized personnel can be allowed entry to specific rooms.


Regular Maintenance of Security and Surveillance Devices

Office security and surveillance maintenance programs are the best solution here, as this ensures that your systems are checked routinely by professionals. Technicians will arrive on-site to check on all security equipment systems and ensure that everything is working correctly.

Where Should I Install the Security and Surveillance Equipment?

Security and surveillance equipment can truly only be effective if it is installed in the correct places. When business owners try to install these systems on their own, they often diminish their protection because the equipment is not installed in the right spot or it is not optimized for its placement.

This is most evident with security systems for businesses, as surveillance systems need to be spread evenly throughout the entire property. Security and surveillance equipment is designed to protect commercial properties from both internal and external threats. For instance, external threats would be shoplifters or burglars and internal threats would be employees committing crimes, such as stealing or fraud.

When it comes to commercial properties, the ideal placement for security and surveillance equipment would be nearby:

  • Cash Drawers
  • Entrances and Exits
  • Parking Lots
  • Walk Ways
  • Storage Area/Rooms
  • Remote Areas
  • Front Reception Area

How to Choose a Right Security and Surveillance System

Since there are so many types of security and surveillance equipment, it can be difficult choosing the right system for your property. Further, there are lots of additional features which can be added to the equipment for additional protection. So, if you are wondering how to choose a security and surveillance system, your best bet is to consult an expert for advice.

2Krew proudly offers some of the most advanced security and surveillance setups and equipment for both commercial and residential properties. Some of the most noteworthy features offered with our equipment include:


Quick Target







multi-site integration icon


One thing that sets us apart from other security and surveillance companies is our commitment to customization. We will help you find the optimal type of security camera and equipment to optimize surveillance and protection. Our team of experts is available for consultation to assist you in finding the exact system and features you need.

The Best Home and Office Security Surveillance Systems

2Krew proudly offers some of the best home and office security surveillance system brands on the market. Each of these CCTV setups are designed to provide superior quality surveillance for residential and commercial properties, and many offer additional tech features. 



Hikvision is one of the world’s biggest home and office security surveillance system providers and offer a wide range of camera designs. Each video camera series offers unique features, such as high-definition lenses which can provide crystal clear images with up to 1500 feet of coverage. They also offer analog and network cameras, as well as thermal imaging designs.

Hanwha Techwin America

Hanwha Techwin America security cameras capitalize on emerging technology for increased surveillance capabilities. Many of their camera kits include high resolution lenses, along with wide-angle imaging, built-in analytics, and day and night resolution options.


Avigilon provides cloud-based cameras which can be automatically updated when new software is released. This ensures that the home and office security surveillance systems are maximizing current tech features, such as AI analytics for improved intruder verification and false alarm reduction.


Axis Communications

If you’re looking for the leading office security surveillance system provider on the market, consider Axis Communications. This commercial video surveillance system uses deep-learning analytics for some of the most advanced security available.

What’s the Next Step to Being More Secure?

Increasing the surveillance and security of your home or business needs to be a top priority. Thankfully, doing this is easier than you may think, thanks to customized security solutions and equipment. The team here at 2Krew is always available to provide expert advice when it comes to security and surveillance setups.

If you’re ready to make 2Krew your expert security and surveillance system provider or need assistance choosing the perfect system for your home or office, please contact us today. Our team will be in touch to provide you with information on all of our security systems, as well as installation and maintenance processes.

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