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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Security Alarm System for Your Pharmacy or Drugstore

10 tips for choosing the right pharmacy alarm system - 2 krew security and surveillance

Pharmacies carry many sensitive products – making them high-value targets for criminals.

The number of pharmacy robberies has been on a steady upswing over the past decade –from employee theft to burglaries. To protect valuable inventory, these stores need a custom pharmacy alarm system to make sure there are no blind spots and criminal activity is deterred.

Every pharmacy has a unique setup. The “perfect” pharmacy security system looks different to every store. In this post, we’re going to provide ten crucial tips to make sure the system you invest in provides the results you need.

Let’s dive in.

What Are the Basic Security Needs of Drugstores?

Before you start shopping for a security alarm system for pharmacies, it’s important to understand what your drugstores require in terms of security.

Of course, security needs will vary depending on the location, store size, and type of inventory sold. However, there are a few universal security needs that all drugstores should consider:

  • Video surveillance and monitoring
  • Motion sensors 
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Access control technology 
  • Panic buttons and alarms 
  • Mobile notifications 

These are some of the basic security features that can help protect your pharmacy from theft and other criminal activity. Now, let’s look at ten tips to help you choose the right security alarm system for drugstores.

Tip 1: Evaluate Different Types of Alarm Systems

When considering a pharmacy alarm system, it’s crucial to be aware of the ones available and how they contribute to deterring criminal activity. The choice of alarm system should be tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that no blind spots are left vulnerable to potential threats.

There are several types of security alarm systems for drugstores, ranging from basic to more sophisticated ones. Basic systems can provide an audible alarm that will sound when sensors detect movement. More advanced systems may include access control technology and CCTV cameras with real-time monitoring capabilities.

A professional security company can help you evaluate the different types of alarm systems available and select the ones that meet your needs. They can also provide valuable guidance on the best ways to implement a setup for maximum effectiveness.

Tip 2: Consider How the System Will Integrate with Other Security Measures

When selecting a pharmacy security system, it’s important to consider how it will integrate with other security measures you’ve implemented.

For example, if you have access control in place, the alarm system should be able to connect with it for additional protection. This way, if someone forces entry or bypasses the access control system, the alarm system can be triggered, and an alert sent.

It’s also important to consider how the alarm system can work with other systems, such as fire detection or smoke alarms. This ensures that your pharmacy is protected from all types of threats.

Tip 3: Check Compliance with Regulations

Pharmacies and drugstores are subject to various regulations and standards related to security and safety. When selecting pharmacy security systems, it’s essential to ensure they comply with these regulations. 

For instance, some regulations might stipulate the minimum requirements for video surveillance quality, storage duration for recorded footage, and alarm response times. Non-compliance could result in fines or legal issues. Not to mention, it could put your pharmacy at an unnecessary risk.

To ensure compliance, it’s important to work with a professional security company that can advise you on the best systems for your needs and requirements. They can provide guidance on the appropriate security alarm system installation of the system as well as ongoing maintenance and support.

Tip 4: Look for Professional Installation and Support 

One of the most critical aspects of implementing an effective pharmacy security alarm system is ensuring that it is professionally installed and supported. While it might be tempting to opt for a DIY installation, the expertise and experience of professionals cannot be overstated.

A professional security alarm system installation offers several advantages. Not only will they ensure that the system is installed correctly, but they can also provide advice on the most effective placement of sensors and other components. This helps to create an optimal security solution for your pharmacy. 

Moreover, professional installers also provide ongoing support. This allows you to get assistance in the event of any issues, and they can make sure your system is operating at optimal efficiency. The peace of mind that comes with this type of service is invaluable when it comes to protecting your pharmacy.

Tip 5: Understand the Role of User-Friendliness

When evaluating potential security alarm systems for pharmacies, it’s crucial to consider the user-friendliness of the system. You want to be sure that your employees are able to operate the system quickly and easily.

This means taking into account how intuitive the user interface is, as well as any additional features offered by the security alarm company. Many systems have apps that allow users to access functions such as arming and disarming remotely or receiving notifications when an alarm has been triggered. These security features can go a long way to ensure your security system is used correctly.

Finally, be sure to check the customer reviews for any pharmacy security systems you are considering. This will help you get an idea of how users feel about the system’s user-friendliness and performance.

Tip 6: Consider the Store’s Scalability

As your pharmacy grows, so do its security needs. A pharmacy alarm system that works well for your current store setup might become inadequate as your business expands. Therefore, it’s essential to opt for a system that can easily accommodate future changes.

Look for a pharmacy security system that offers modular components or flexible options for expansion. This could include the ability to add more cameras, sensors, or access control points as needed. Scalability ensures that your security measures can adapt to new layouts, additional entrances, or increased inventory without the need for a complete overhaul.

Consult with the security alarm provider about potential upgrades and expansion options. This proactive approach will help you avoid the hassle of replacing the entire system down the line, saving you time and resources.

Tip 7: Make Sure There Are Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Remote monitoring capabilities offer an additional layer of security. This feature allows you to monitor and control the pharmacy alarm system from anywhere, using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can keep an eye on your store’s activity even when out of town by accessing video feeds and logs remotely.

You can also set up notifications that alert you whenever something out of the ordinary happens. This can be useful for staying up to date on any suspicious activity and responding quickly if necessary. Additionally, remote monitoring gives you more control over your system’s settings and functions – allowing you to make changes without having to visit the store or disrupt operations. 

Tip 8: Pay Attention to Warranty and Service Agreements 

When opting for a security alarm system for pharmacies, it’s important to consider the warranty and service agreements. It’s a good idea to look for providers that offer comprehensive warranties, as this will ensure your equipment is covered in case of any complications.

Additionally, you should inquire about service agreements and the level of customer service offered. Many companies provide on-site support or maintenance services for their alarm systems. This can be helpful in ensuring that everything runs smoothly when setting up the system and in the event that any issues arise.

Tip 9: Assess the Reputation of the Supplier

The reputation of the supplier you choose for your pharmacy security system is paramount. You’re entrusting the safety and security of your valuable assets to their technology and expertise. Before finalizing your decision, conduct thorough research into the reputation of the security company or supplier.

Look for customer reviews, testimonials, and references from other businesses in your industry that have used their services. Positive feedback and a solid track record can indicate that the supplier is reliable, trustworthy, and capable of delivering quality security solutions. On the other hand, negative reviews or a lack of information about their services could be red flags.

Reach out to the supplier and ask questions about their experience, their approach to customization, and their ability to adapt to specific pharmacy alarm system needs. A reputable supplier will be transparent about their offerings, pricing, and the technologies they use.

Tip 10: Turn to the Professionals for Installation

When it comes to the installation of your security alarm system for drugstores, it’s highly recommended to rely on professional technicians. While the idea of a DIY installation might seem cost-effective, it’s important to recognize the complexities involved in setting up an effective security system.

Professional installers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. They understand the nuances of the technology, ensuring that sensors, cameras, and other components are strategically placed to maximize coverage. This attention to detail is crucial for the security alarm system for pharmacies’ overall effectiveness.

Need Help Choosing the Right Pharmacy Alarm System?

Every pharmacy has different needs for an alarm system.

These commercial systems require expert design, setup, and maintenance. If you’re looking to upgrade your system or implement a completely new one, your first move is to speak with a professional security and surveillance company. They will send an expert on-site to understand your needs/challenges and determine what type of system will benefit you the most.

2 Krew Security and Surveillance provides high-quality security alarm system installation services to pharmacies in the Pittsburgh and Tri-State area. No matter what your store’s security requirements are, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

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