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How Advanced Video Analytics Add Value to Your CCTV Solution

how advanced video analytics add value to your cctv solution - 2 krew security and surveillance

Video security solutions are evolving rapidly. As a result, video analytics are quickly becoming the norm in commercial security systems – and some residential ones. In fact, the video analytics market is currently valued at around $35.88 billion globally – with no signs of slowing down.

Advanced video analytics has taken the value of CCTV systems to a new level. 

Video analytics software helps provide instantaneous alerts and reinforce situational awareness in businesses, schools, and homes alike. There is a rising demand for real-time event detection – and CCTV video analytics are propelling the growth of this industry.

Here are some ways in which advanced CCTV analytics add value to your video security solutions:

What Are CCTV Video Analytics?

Advanced video analytics – when used in conjunction with a security system – provides real-time situational awareness and detection of the surroundings. These systems use advanced AI software to analyze video streams, classify behavior patterns, gauge predefined objects, and spot anomalies.

For instance, if there is a break-in, CCTV video analytics solutions can use facial recognition software to identify unauthorized individuals – which can then be used in a police investigation. Studies show that businesses and homes equipped with CCTV video cameras are effective in reducing and deterring crime by 13 percent. 

By harnessing the power of video analytics in CCTV systems, you can make a smart investment in protecting your business, assets, and employees. 

How to Add Value to Your CCTV Solution with Advanced Video Analytics?

1. Recognizes Types of Movement

There are certain situations when actions will trigger alerts in CCTV video camera systems. With traditional security systems, these activities cannot always be picked up, and the details can’t be tracked. Advanced video analytics operate with motion sensors that detect abnormal movements.

CCTV monitoring services can be programmed to pick up movements during certain time frames – like after hours. Intelligent video analytics can gauge times during the day when the building has more foot traffic than others to create thresholds for anomalies.

For instance, if there is an unusual amount of movement inside the building at 2 am (when there is typically none), the system can send an automated alert to the building owner and authorities.

The security camera analytics can also be programmed to minimize false alarms, such as activity outside that can be seen through windows (like cars or pedestrians passing by). If you ever have questions about the capabilities of your security system, it’s a good idea to talk to an expert.

2. Identifies Facial Features

Facial recognition software is standard on many new video security systems. With this feature implemented, your CCTV can capture video data on individuals and identify them by running this information against a list of public and private databases. This is all done in real-time, so it can be processed immediately or when reviewing archived videos. 

CCTV analytics can be used to identify both authorized and unauthorized individuals more accurately in a range of circumstances. This makes it easier to monitor visitors in your building and to detect security breaches. The information can then be sent directly to local authorities and first responders if needed. 

3. Tracks Subjects Automatically

Traditional security systems typically involve security guards to manually track and escort visitors or objects. They have to constantly monitor actions and act on any out-of-the-ordinary circumstances. With advanced analytics, this can be done automatically and more accurately. 

For example, if you have visitors in your facility, their movements can be closely tracked and monitored. Specific parameters can be set up in the system to analyze certain behaviors and actions. Anything out of the ordinary will trigger an alert to your security staff. It can also detect if someone is loitering for longer than normal. 

4. Distinguishes Stationary Objects – And If They Are Removed

In the event of a security incident, the time between detection and mitigation is crucial. With a traditional security system, lapses that lead to theft, violence, or even terrorist acts can be hard to prevent or stop. This is especially true in high-traffic areas. 

Security systems with advanced video analytics help eliminate that lag time. Advanced security camera analytics can be calibrated to detect when a specific stationary object is moved or removed from a particular location. It can also issue an alert when an object appears unexpectedly or is left in an area. When any of these situations occur, an alert will go out to security personnel.

5. Spots Dangerous Anomalies

It’s not only humans that can pose a threat to your employees or your business/home. Natural disasters, like fire, floods, or other anomalies, can put lives and property at risk. 

Advanced video analysis can detect these types of anomalies around the clock. For example, if there is a dangerous presence of smoke or a leaking pipe, the video system can identify changes to the status quo early on and alert the respective party to resolve the issue before it worsens. This can prevent major damage and potentially save lives.

6. Detects Camera Tampering

Camera tampering and vandalism are usually the first step in a criminal’s plan. Advanced security systems with video analytics software are designed to be vigilant against these types of threats. 

CCTV video analytics can identify if a camera is dismantled, moved, or tampered with. Moreover, if the camera has been tagged by a vandal, it will raise an alarm. It can also give users an idea of areas in which they are vulnerable to vandalism or tampering. If you ever have any questions about your security vulnerabilities, it’s always beneficial to consult with a security professional.

Ready to Invest in Advanced Video Analytics?

Innovations in the video security field are happening daily. These days, a traditional security system might not be the best option to protect your business or home. CCTV cameras with advanced video analytics are a great investment to protect your assets and save on headaches in the future. 

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