A Property Crime Happens Every 3.1 Seconds

March 14, 2013

Sobering statistic, isn’t it? In the time it took you to read this, another crime against property occurred.

Other statistics

  • One Murder every 33.9 minutes
  • One Violent Crime every 22.1 seconds
  • One Forcible Rape every 5.8 minutes
  • One Aggravated Assault every 34.6 seconds
  • One Robbery every 1.3 minutes
  • One Crime Index Offense every 2.7 seconds
  • One Burglary every 15.4 seconds
  • One Larceny-theft every 4.5 seconds

The Solution: A Foundation of Defense

At the core of every 2 Krew security system design are yard signs and window decals, perimeter protection and interior protection. Let a 2 Krew Safety Consultant provide you with a free security analysis. Our highly-trained specialists will review your premises and recommend the best security system for your needs.

The Technology

So just how does 2 Krew protect your home or business from intrusion? Using state-of-the-art devices that constantly monitor the premises for intrusion, such as door contacts at entry points and interior monitoring with motion detectors.

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Source: FBI Crime Clock